Budget Phones are at Risk of Getting Hacked: Report

Budget Phones are at Risk of Getting Hacked: Report

These days, Unisoc chipsets may be found in a wide range of inexpensive phones from Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, and other manufacturers.

The Chinese business that makes these chips has recently gained a lot of market share, but its chips have previously had serious weaknesses, putting a lot of low-cost phones at risk.

A new vulnerability has been discovered in a certain Unisoc chipset in three Motorola devices, according to a new research from Checkpoint Research. The security weakness was discovered in Unisoc’s Tiger T700 chip, which was used in Motorola’s Moto G20, E30, and E40 last year, according to the study.

The issue stems from the cellular modem on the phone, which lacks a check to ensure that the connection handler is reading a legitimate subscriber ID.

A stack overflow happens when the handler reads a zero-digit field, which can result in a DDoS attack or remote code execution. The user is then disconnected from the LTE network. It is unknown if the exploit is present in other Unisoc AP chips.

Last month, Checkpoint notified Unisoc of their discovery, and the Chinese corporation quickly patched the flaw. Google’s patch fix could be available to consumers by the end of June. After that, Motorola and other OEMs will be responsible for sending out OTA updates.

To stay safe, we urge that you keep your gadgets up to date.

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