Facebook Messenger is Getting a New Call Tab Soon

Facebook Messenger is Getting a New Call Tab Soon
Facebook Messenger

After WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger remains one of the most popular messaging programmes. According to Meta, calls on the app have climbed by 40% since 2020, owing to the epidemic.

With a new design adjustment, Meta is making it easier to make calls on the app. On the function tab at the bottom of the Messenger app, there will be a dedicated tab for audio and video calls. This should make finding the call button a lot easier.

Users had to create separate chat threads for each contact before the change to call them, but now you may do so immediately from the main screen.

Next to “Chats,” “Stories,” and “People,” the “Calls” page will emerge, displaying a list of your contacts with distinct buttons for voice and video calls for each. It’s a tiny change, but it’s likely intended to turn Messenger into a calling app as well as a messaging programme like WhatsApp.

Since the beginning of the year, Meta has been introducing a slew of new features to Messenger, including responses, stickers, message-specific replies, and more. With subsequent updates, everyone should be able to access the new “Calls” tab.

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