Foree Hasn’t Paid Its Employees in Over a Year

Foree Hasn’t Paid Its Employees in Over a Year

For almost a year, Foree, the firm behind the online payments, P2P transfer, and bill payment app, has failed to pay its employees. Former employees are still waiting for their salary to be paid.

A former Foree employee, Aasma Jabin, recently revealed the details on Linkedin, bringing the matter to light. The ex-employee started working for Foree over a year ago and stayed for 8 months. Jabin departed the company due to administrative complications that caused several employees’ salary payments to be delayed.

She reports that over 70% of the company’s employees departed during this time, and she has been waiting for her dues for more than a year. Jabin has also been looking at legal avenues for obtaining clearance. You may read the rest of her post by clicking here.

Foree’s HR staff responded to her Linkedin post by stating that they had paid the bulk of their employees and were working on the remainder. It remains to be seen, though, if anything comes of it.

The official reaction is as follows:

Jabin, Aasma It is my obligation as Foree’s HR to clean away a few items. Foree has been phasing in the payment of dues. We’ve cleared out the most of the staff save for the last group’s severance benefits. Please contact us at work, and we will assist you in resolving any outstanding issues.

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