Google Playstore Games Will Now Run on Windows

Google Playstore Games Will Now Run on Windows

The beta testing period for Google Playstore games operating on Windows 11 has officially begun. For the time being, cross-play is only available to a few people in a few regions.

Google hasn’t said how it wants to provide cross-play functionality, save that it will necessitate the installation of a Playstore app on a PC.

A ‘Download on Windows’ button appears on the desktop version of Google Play for some customers who were allowed to test the feature, and clicking it downloads an executable file for Windows 11.

Currently, the beta is only available in South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Users outside of that zone, however, claim to be able to use the feature as well.

The development process appears to be proceeding quickly, and customers will soon be able to play their favourite Android games on their computers.

Google has previously requested that game creators optimise their games so that they can be played with a keyboard and mouse rather than touch inputs.

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