Govt Leaves Freelancers Waiting After Claiming to Invite PayPal to Pakistan

Govt Leaves Freelancers Waiting After Claiming to Invite PayPal to Pakistan

Local freelancers turned to Twitter after Pakistan’s recent regime transition to seek PayPal for the country. It quickly became a trend on Twitter last month, and it’s happening again this month, with thousands of individuals using PayPal to remind the government.

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The government was also considering inviting the payment gateway behemoth to Pakistan, according to our sources, but there has been no additional word on the subject since then.

Hisham Sarwar reintroduced the topic, culminating in a Twitter craze.

With over 7000 tweets, the hashtag PayPalinPakistan is now trending on Twitter. Not only that, but the hashtag “1 Million Freelancers” is already trending on Twitter, with over 3500 users reminding Pakistan’s government of the country’s large number of freelancers despite the lack of PayPal.

The fact that Pakistan is ranked fourth among the top ten freelancing countries in the world, with millions of subscribers, is highlighted by these Twitter users. Not to mention that the country has been ranked third on the list for a long time until it was recently surpassed by Brazil.

Brazil’s freelance market is growing at a rate of 48 percent, while Pakistan’s is growing at 47 percent.

As is customary, the trending hashtag was accompanied by a slew of memes.

It’s worth mentioning that this isn’t the first time Pakistanis have tried unsuccessfully to obtain PayPal on a huge scale. PayPal turned down the offer in 2015 and 2019 because to harsh regulatory restrictions imposed by the State Bank of Pakistan and the lengthy licencing process.

As a result, whether or not we will see a positive change on this front remains to be seen.

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