Haier Mobile Phone Price in Pakistan

From the Pakistani local market here Haier mobiles prices are updated everyday for you in Pakistan. In 2021 what mobile haier do you want?

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Check specifications of Haier’s new mobile models for features, photographs, videos, reviews, wallpapers, software and tones. Compare pricing and features of the latest Haier phone sets everyday.

Haier Mobile Price in Pakistan:

Haier’s another smartphone brand in Pakistan on Android budget. They offer telephone ranges from 8,000 Rs to 25,000 Rs. in cheap budget areas. They offer a range of devices. Haier’s common view is that his telephones are all right and not particularly competitive with QMobile, Infinix, and even Samsung and Huawei at similar prices.

Haier is a brand more well-known than its cellphones for its home appliances. They are rock-solid, elegantly designed and reliable in their household appliances.

We expect the same to happen eventually to your devices. Up to then you probably should consider using Haier’s phones and pricing on PriceOye, but more major cheap brands such as Samsung, QMobile and Infinix will probably be better off.

Haier is the manufacturer of mobile devices, tele-sets, refrigerators, washing machines, air-conditioning systems and microwave ovens. Haier’s products are available at home.

Haier launched the Pursuit, Klassic and Esteem mobile series. Smartphones are included in the Pursuit and Esteem series. Smart phones in Pursuit are a bit cheaper than those in Esteem as they have features that are less advanced. Elseem’s smart phones have more improved and new features, which makes them a bit costly.

All keypad phones are included in the Klassic mobile series. Some of them do not have a camera, while others have a camera. The cost for keyboard phones is lower now that they are obsolete.

On this page you can find the most recent pricing of all Haier mobiles. These mobile prices are routinely updated in Pakistan to market rates.

There is a number of colours, sizes and various movable materials. You must be sure that you do not have to repent it later before you get a mobile phone. All mobile photos and specifications are described so that everyone may study them in greater detail before they purchase a mobile telephone.

User comments and reviews are vital for both consumers and producers to make them aware of any problems or urge them to purchase the goods and to highlight the flaws to enhance the product. Video reviews are available for different mobiles to inform purchasers of the product.

If so numerous phones are available with so many specifications and it is not simple to pick which one to purchase, then visit this page to compare mobile phones, specifications, colours, sizes and review to see which one is better for their price in Pakistan.

Haier is a China-based global consumer electronics firm designing and developing home appliances. Haier Group Corporation’s headquarters is in Qingdao, Province of Shandong, China.

Haier Group’s main goods include mobile phones, air conditioning, fridges, microwave ovens and washing machines. Haier mobile phones are recognised for its pleasant features and energy efficient technologies among mobile phone enthusiasts.

Haier was started by Qingdao Refrigerator Co. in 1984, as a refrigerator manufacturer. In China, Qingdao Refrigerators Co. has, however, signed a joint venture with a German firm called Liebher with the new age of the world market and foreign companies. It has been named under a Qindao-Liebherr brand name. Later that became Haier.

In 2000, with the participation of Haier China, Haier Pakistan was created. Haier Pakistan has constructed a mobile phone manufacturing assembly plant in Lahore. In addition, the CEO of Haier Pakistan is Javed Afridi from Peshawar.

Pursuit, Esteem and Klassic are the popular Haier mobile phone series. The innovative technology at an inexpensive price is available for Haier smart phones. Haier mobiles has the objective of offering clients innovation to valued items.

Haier Smart Phone Features:

  • Quad Core processor
  • High Storage
  • HD Large Display
  • High Megapixel rear and front camera
  • Large battery
  • High Quality Sound
  • Android Support

Haier is one of Pakistan’s top mobile brands. Haier immediately came to the attention of smartphone users after launching his first phone in Pakistan. There are many wholly-owned retail stores around Pakistan selling Haier’s latest cell phones. However, in Pakistan, Haier Mobile Prize can vary by model, pricing and technology, depending on model attributes. Hair mobile i70 and hair mobile prices ce0700 are available on this website.

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