Motorola Patents a Flip Phone That Folds Outwards [Images]

Motorola Patents a Flip Phone That Folds Outwards [Images]

Motorola has a long history with flip phones. It was one of the first firms to introduce a foldable smartphone to the market, but since the launch of the Moto Razr, we haven’t heard much from the company. The World Intellectual Property Organization has granted the business a new patent for a flip phone design (WIPO).

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Motorola’s current take on the folding display template is showcased in the new patent. It’s tall and slim, like the Moto Razr before it, but unlike the Moto Razr, it has an inward folding design that allows it to be folded into a dual-screen gadget.

The patent depicts a small camera island at the phone’s top, which will most likely house the camera unit as well as other important sensors. A design crossover between the Moto Razr and the Royole Flexpai is depicted in the patent.

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The folding hinge also appears to have a U-shaped curvature, which should reduce creases and allow the device to fold without gaps between the fold axis, similar to what Oppo displayed with its Find N foldable smartphone recently.

It’s unclear whether Motorola will ever release an outward folding smartphone, as the company frequently patents concepts that never make it to market products; still, the patent concept is intriguing.

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