Netflix Confirms a Cheaper Version With Ads

Netflix Confirms a Cheaper Version With Ads

It is not a secret that Netflix has been developing a less expensive subscription plan with advertisements, but up until now it has only been a rumour, especially after Netflix CEO Reed Hastings stated that the company has no intention of jeopardising the platform with advertisements.

Ted Srandos, co-CEO of Netflix, has since stated that the company is developing a more cost-effective subscription package including commercials. According to him, Netflix is missing out by not running advertisements.

People who claim that Netflix is too expensive for them yet don’t mind advertisements make up a sizable portion of our target market, and we’ve left them off the table. People who say, “Hey, I want a lesser price and I’ll watch advertisements” will be catered to by the new ad-supported tier.

He has also stated that prospective ad-sales partners for the new tier are now being discussed by Netflix.

You can continue to enjoy Netflix as it is without any advertising because Netflix does not have any plans to introduce them everywhere. This gives premium members peace of mind. Only those who choose the less expensive version of the new subscription model will see advertisements.

We anticipate seeing the new tier by the end of the year, though Netflix hasn’t said when it plans to launch it.

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