Oppo Find N is One of the Strongest Foldables on the Market [Video]

Oppo Find N is One of the Strongest Foldables on the Market [Video]

The Oppo Find N has shown to be equally as capable as its market-leading foldable phone competitors. The Huawei Mate X2 and the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 both passed JerryRigEverything’s durability test with flying colours.
The Find N has now passed the YouTuber’s torture test, placing it among the most powerful folding phones.

The phone has to pass the three standard tests of scratch, burn, bend, and dust, as well as a foldable-only test.

The phone’s main screen is made of soft plastic, which allows it to bend, but it is also protected by a thin layer of glass. Even at level 2 on the Mohs hardness scale, it scratches readily. As a result, you can scratch the screen with your fingernails. Like every other foldable phone in the current era.

For folding phones, Zack’s dust test has become a must-do test since it exposes whether the hinge has any undesired gaps that can trap dust or other particles. The Oppo Find N, on the other hand, lacks such a feature and, happily, can fit into a small pocket.

The oleophobic layer on the displays was burned away in the burn test, but the display was still functioning. The phone was also unbreakable in the bend test.

The Oppo Find N is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful foldable phones on the market today, even more so than Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3.

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