Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Mercedes, Mark And Lona Limited Edition Coming Soon

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung appears to be ready to distribute exclusive retail packages of the next-generation S22 Ultra in South Korea, following the announcement of the flagship S22 series at this year’s Galaxy Unpacked.

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The Galaxy S22 Ultra will be produced in two limited edition variants, one in conjunction with top Japanese luxury golf gear manufacturer Mark & Lona and the other in collaboration with Mercedes EQ, according to a reliable source @GaryeonHan.

Both variations are packaged differently and include a variety of unique accessories. The Mark & Lona bespoke kit includes a golf ball marker, a Mark & Lona logo keychain, a boxy pouch, a colourful protective case, and a strap. The phone is held in a black cradle with add-on attachments, with a yellow finish on the box.

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The Galaxy S22 Ultra Mercedes-EQ edition, on the other hand, comes in a violet toolbox-style package with a keychain, a protective phone case, and a few other exclusive accessories, like a card case and a patchwork, all of which include the Mercedes logo. Everything else in this box is violet, with the exception of the silver keychain.

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There’s no word on pricing or availability for either of the two limited edition bundles just yet, but the regular Galaxy S22 Ultra is now available for pre-order if you don’t want to wait.

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