Samsung is Aiming for 22% Smartphone Market Share in 2022

Samsung is Aiming for 22% Smartphone Market Share in 2022

According to The Elec, a South Korean media outlet, Samsung intends to have 21.9 percent of the smartphone market share by the end of next year.

Samsung executives anticipate that the ongoing pandemic will increase smartphone purchases through 2022, which the company aims to capitalise on.

According to Elec, global smartphone shipments will soon reach 1.52 billion. Samsung has to sell 390 million units in order to meet its 21.9 percent target.

Samsung anticipates that the Galaxy S22 series will sell 33 million units out of 390 million, with the company aiming to sell 14 million Galaxy S22, 8 million S22+, and 11 million S22 Ultra phones.

Samsung has staked a lot of its expectations on the success of the Galaxy A series. The Galaxy A33 and A53 are expected to be unveiled in March, followed by the Galaxy A23 in April and the Galaxy A73 a month later. Samsung expects the Galaxy A23 and A33 to sell 267 million units and the Galaxy A53 and A73 will sell 92 million units.

To achieve the 21.9 percent market share target, Samsung would be relentless in its marketing efforts and deliver better features at lower rates. Samsung intends to use this strategy in countries such as China, where smartphone companies like as Huawei are losing favour.

The Korean tech behemoth already intends to expand its colour palette and streamline the manufacturing process by reducing the number of layers needed for the rear panel of its mid-range handsets, lowering prices significantly.

Samsung is also looking on ways to incorporate IP68 dust and water-resistance certifications into its low-cost phones.

In order to compete with local Chinese companies, Samsung wants to begin with the Galaxy A33 series and introduce IP68 certification in the A53 and A73 to increase purchases both within and outside of China.

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