These Xiaomi Phones Will Not Get Updates Anymore

These Xiaomi Phones Will Not Get Updates Anymore

As we enter the second half of 2022, many phones from previous years are no longer functional. Xiaomi has revised its End of Support (EOS) list, which now includes a list of ten devices that have reached the end of their support life cycle and will no longer get updates.

This list also covers some of the most popular devices in Pakistan, such as the Redmi Note 7 series. All Redmi Note 7 phones, including the vanilla Note 7, Note 7s, and Note 7 Pro, are included.

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All of the cellphones on the list were released in 2019, with the exception of the Mi Pad 4 tablets, which were released in 2018. All of these devices received Android 10 but were not updated to MIUI 13 when it was released earlier this year.

However, there is no need to be concerned because the phones and tablets stated above will continue to work normally. They will simply not receive any new security or operating system updates, leaving them vulnerable to future flaws.

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