Xiaomi’s Power Saving AC Claims to Cool Your Room in 30 Seconds

Xiaomi’s Power Saving AC Claims to Cool Your Room in 30 Seconds

In the midst of the current heat wave, Xiaomi has released the Giant Power Saving Pro, a high-efficiency air conditioner. For the time being, the air conditioner is only accessible in China, but it is expected to make its way to other markets in the near future.

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The Giant Power Saving Pro 1.5HP can cool a room in under 30 seconds. It’s a two-in-one air conditioner that can handle temperatures as low as -32 degrees Celsius and as high as 60 degrees Celsius. It can be used in rooms up to 20 square metres in size. In addition, it uses less energy than earlier models.

The air conditioner uses self-adaptive prediction technology to learn consumption patterns and automatically tune itself for cooling and heating.

You don’t have to wait for the compressor to warm up before it starts cooling because it can start at a fast pace. Inside the machine, the air circulating volume can reach 680m3/h.

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To maintain an optimal indoor atmosphere, the Xiaomi Giant Power Saving Pro 1.5HP can be used in conjunction with the Mijia humidifier. It also works with Xiaomi’s Xiao AI assistant and can be synced with the Mijia smartphone app for more features.

In China, Xiaomi’s latest energy-efficient air conditioner costs $375.

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