A burning concern for Apple’s newest prodigy is the Apple iPhone 15 Pro’s tendency to overheat quickly


On September 12, Apple hosted a highly anticipated event to unveil its iPhone 15 series. True to form, the tech industry leader presented its latest offerings, garnering attention for the exceptional features showcased, most notably the inclusion of the cutting-edge A17 Pro chip in the Apple iPhone 15 Pro variants. However, it has come to our attention that there may be an unforeseen issue complicating this otherwise impressive release.

A burning concern for Apple's newest prodigy is the Apple iPhone 15 Pro's tendency to overheat quickly

In the days following the global launch, the digital landscape was ablaze with discussions not limited to the customary excitement associated with new product releases but rather focused on a burgeoning concern: the pronounced temperature elevation experienced by users of the iPhone 15 Pro. A growing number of individuals took to social media platforms, including X (formerly known as Twitter), to engage in in-depth conversations surrounding this issue.

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Notably, a cadre of tech enthusiasts reported instances where the phone’s temperature reached alarming levels, peaking at 42 degrees Celsius, and this occurred not during demanding activities such as intensive gaming sessions but rather during seemingly mundane tasks, such as brief FaceTime calls or casual browsing through Instagram Reels. For some users, the device exhibited elevated temperatures even during periods of idleness. It’s essential to clarify that these occurrences were not exclusively linked to charging the device. Furthermore, there are concerning reports indicating that the iPhone 15 Pro, in response to these high temperatures, has resorted to a protective mode, rendering the device temporarily unusable during critical moments.

Ming-Chi Kuo, a respected authority on all things Apple, has provided valuable insights into the potential culprit behind this issue. Kuo suggests that the iPhone’s sleek new titanium frame, while lighter than its stainless steel predecessor, might be inadvertently exacerbating the heat-related concerns. This material appears to possess a propensity for retaining heat rather than effectively dissipating it. Kuo has hinted at the possibility that enclosing the device within a protective case could serve as a temporary measure to mitigate these thermal issues. However, it’s important to recognize that this solution is not a comprehensive, long-term remedy.

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It is worth noting that affixing a protective case may provide a makeshift shield against excessive heat, but it remains an interim solution at best. Dissatisfied owners of the iPhone 15 Pro have begun voicing their concerns to Apple, and it is conceivable that these grievances may prompt the company to institute more substantial measures. Apple should act expeditiously to address this heating problem, as failing to do so could overshadow the remarkable advancements introduced with the iPhone 15 Pro.

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