Apple iPhone 15 Pro Series Runs Into Another Problem; Users Complain of Loud Audio Crackling


A new issue has arisen in recent developments concerning Apple‘s iPhone 15 Pro, drawing significant attention within the technology community, just as previous concerns regarding heating matters were thought to be resolved. Users of the iPhone 15 series have expressed apprehensions regarding auditory irregularities, warranting further examination.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Series Runs Into Another Problem; Users Complain of Loud Audio Crackling

Numerous dedicated enthusiasts of the iPhone 15, as identified on Reddit’s online forum platform, have observed audio distortions when sound levels are elevated. Specifically, the earpiece speaker component appears to be most susceptible to these instances of sound degradation, notably standing out among the reported grievances.


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An early adopter who acquired the iPhone 15 Pro Max brought attention to the matter, noting, “Upon increasing the volume immediately post-unboxing, an unusual rattling noise was discernible, akin to the sensation of liquid movement within. Moreover, this phenomenon is not limited to telephonic conversations; it persists when playing audio at levels surpassing 80%.”

Apple iPhone 15 Pro

Delving further into the intricacies of this new iPhone model, another user shared a similar concern on Reddit, corroborating the issue. “Certain videos or specific frequency spectrums appear to trigger this phenomenon, akin to an unforeseen crackling in the auditory output.”

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A prominent content creator on TikTok, known as “Milesabovetech,” encountered the same challenge despite the commendable customer service provided by Apple, necessitating the replacement of his device not once, but twice. Regrettably, the issue persisted with the replacements. This experience is not unique, as numerous owners of the iPhone 15 have echoed similar sentiments, procuring replacements only to confront recurring sound-related difficulties.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro

With the mounting discussion surrounding this matter, both fervent admirers of Apple products and prospective purchasers are keenly awaiting an official statement from the technology conglomerate. The pivotal question that remains unresolved pertains to whether this issue is indicative of a production batch anomaly or a design oversight that managed to elude scrutiny. Only the passage of time will afford clarity on this matter.

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