How to message a WhatsApp number without adding it as a contact first

How to message a WhatsApp number without adding it as a contact first

WhatsApp is without a doubt the most popular messaging platform on the planet. With over two billion monthly users, there’s a decent possibility that anyone you’d like to contact is on the service. Despite its popularity, the service lacks one critical feature: the ability to message a phone number without adding it to your phonebook.

You may want to contact a business or service contact for a one-time talk from time to time, but adding the number to your phonebook may result in unnecessary clutter. Let’s look at a couple methods for starting a WhatsApp chat without inputting a phone number as a contact.

At first look, it may appear that WhatsApp does not allow you to start a chat without saving a phone number. However, the capability is already built into the service. WhatsApp’s click to chat function, presumably aimed for integration in websites and apps, employs shortcut links to launch a chat with any active WhatsApp account.

To utilise the feature, open your browser and type into the address bar. The country and region code should also be included in the phone number field, but no modifiers such as +, –, or 00 should be used. In India, for example, the syntax would be

When you press enter, WhatsApp will redirect you to a webpage with a green message button. By pressing this button, you will be redirected to the conversation.

Use an app to launch a WhatsApp chat

If the preceding procedure appears overly complicated, there are a number of apps available that provide the same functionality but make it much faster and easier to start a WhatsApp discussion without adding the contact to your phonebook.

WhatsDirect is one such programme that allows you to enter a phone number and a chat message, then touch send to be taken directly to the primary messaging app. The programme does not require any permissions, however it does display advertisements in the interface. Click to chat, which does the same thing but without the advertisements, is another choice.

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