Netflix Will Now Allow You to Unclutter The ‘Continue Watching’ List

Netflix Will Now Allow You to Unclutter The ‘Continue Watching’ List

Netflix has finally given the ability for users to directly delete series and movies from their ‘Continue Watching’ row in the most recent update.

Users may now get rid of half-finished shows and movies that they have given up on or no longer wish to watch, as well as those that are merely taking up screen space.

Both web and mobile applications now have the new capability.

In an official blog post, Netflix commented:

We listened, which is why we’re launching a new mechanism for members to restart their ‘Continue Watching’ row. This new button allows you keep your ‘Continue Watching’ row fresh and filled with the series and movies you can’t wait to watch, whether you’re deleting a new pick you don’t like, an old favourite you’ve re-watched too many times, or Marie Kondo-ing your entire row.

To remove a show or movie from your ‘Continue Watching’ row, simply pick it, then scroll down to the new ‘Remove from Continue Watching’ option to remove it from the list.

If a user removes a show or movie by accident, they can simply click on the same choice again to undo the removal.

The modest interface tweak, however, has little impact on Netflix’s overall user interface. The ‘Continue Watching’ row is a useful feature because it is one of the first things that a user sees when they open Netflix on their device. Users now have more control and curation over what appears when they open the site/app thanks to the latest feature.

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