Facebook and Instagram Launch Personalized ‘Year in Review’ Feature for Everyone

Facebook and Instagram Launch Personalized ‘Year in Review’ Feature for Everyone

Meta, Facebook and Instagram’s parent company, has launched a new tool called ‘Year in Review.’

Users on Facebook can share personalised ‘Year in Review’ posts that highlight friends, places, and people that were significant in 2021. The most recent feature showcases highlights from people’s years on the network in the form of a shareable card. The ‘Year in Review’ feature on Facebook is available globally until December 30th.

Users can publish a personalised ‘Playback’ time capsule to their Instagram Story while on Instagram. Users can choose and personalise up to ten stories from their Stories Archive to share with their followers.

Users must have more than three stories in the recent past or have Stories Archive turned on to use the ‘Playback’ feature.

Instagram can also recommend Playback posts to users, or users can choose from a list of tales to share. Users will be prompted to use the ‘Playback’ feature, which will be available for a limited time.

Prior to the ‘Playback’ function, Instagram users developed their own versions of the year-end roundup, which contained the best nine photographs in a photo grid.

The new end-of-year summary feature on Facebook and Instagram is fully configurable, allowing users to remove any information or post of their choosing.

Meta revealed that the two functionalities will be available to all customers worldwide in the next days.

Shareable end-of-year recaps have grown in popularity as a result of Spotify’s annual Wrapped event. Facebook and Instagram, among many other social media platforms, have developed their versions. Reddit has issued tailored recaps that include statistics on users’ habits, while Snapchat is said to be launching a ‘Year-End Story’ this month.

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